Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Silliness and Such

I finally started decorating the house today. So it's now "Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..." around here. We still don't have our tree after a very disappointing trip to the tree nursery since they had no trees our size. I guess they didn't get their full shipment in, it's coming this weekend, and the only trees left were too big or too small. She was so sweet because I told her she could pick one out. As Matt was chatting with the owner about why they didn't have a tree for us, Lauren was walking around finding plants and saying "This one mommy." I had to tell her that wasn't a Christmas tree so she had to put it back. It was mighty pitiful as we pulled away with Lauren upset and confused as to why we didn't have a Christmas tree in our car. She was verbalizing how I felt on the inside. But her and daddy will be heading back this weekend, while I'm off on a retreat with the high school youth from our church. Yes, I'm a smidge upset that I won't be getting it with them- but I'm getting over it, I think.

Today we also had an exciting time visiting Matt at work. His work was giving free flu shots, so I told Matt to sign us up. After library time (another new adventure, since we're transitioning to the "toddler" time now that Lauren is two...sniffle, sniffle) we headed to his work. After parking I was getting Lauren out of the car and she says "Pot, Pot" and like usual she almost immediately says "No Pot, No Pot." I'm not sure why she does this. She knows she has to go, but it's like she doesn't like that going to the bathroom interrupts her life. I can't blame a girl, I go a billion times a day and hate how it interrupts my life too! Thank goodness I still have a leg up on the intelligence level, so I told her "Dada has a special pot at work and he'll let you go in it" and her whole outlook was turned around. Then she couldn't wait to see the special pot. 

After our adventures to the bathroom we headed to get flu shots. Lauren had her shot at her check up on Monday so now we're all ready to be a flu free house for when the baby comes! We did the same thing when Lauren was born, all got the flu shot and even highly encouraged long term visitors to get theirs. But then last year, I think only Lauren got it. Hopefully Matt's employer will offer this each year so we don't slack off again.

Lunch with Matt was next on our agenda. Lauren had a great time stealing M&M's off Matt's plate, since I had packed him trail mix. We all enjoyed being together for some extra family time. Seeing daddy during the day just seems to make the day go faster. 

It also gave Matt and I a chance to talk about the insurance issues we've been having with his new insurance company (it sucks!). Because I'm now considered high risk due to my previous three miscarriages I see a fetal specialist for my last two ultrasounds. Well my doctor told me to go to see "Dr. C" and so I did. Well he is located in a hospital and the insurance says that we needed to go to a free standing place- so stupid. I called when we received the $700+ dollar bill trying to sort it all out. Plus, I was extra upset since we had already been there for the second ultrasound by the time the first bill came in. Interestingly enough, we never got a bill for the second visit, so when the hospital billed us again for the first visit- I think we didn't pay it right away hoping it would all work out- Matt decided to try his hand at figuring it all out. This time I guess he informed them that we were instructed by the doctor to go there and they said if they get a letter from my doctor stating this information they would pay the bill in full. I'm pretty sure that I told them that when I called but whatever. So before sitting down here I called my doctor and left a message asking them to write a letter to the insurance. I just find it so ridicules. Matt also had to figure out why it is we received a bill for blood work I had done, well that mix up was that they billed the insurance in my name, not Matt's (he's the policy holder) so that was an easy fix. I guess I find this even more ridicules since I thought I had crappy insurance working for the schools and I never had any bills come to me when I was pregnant with Lauren. I remember a lot of co-pays until I reached my deductible, but no $700 madness. 

Anyway, it seems to be all working out so I'm thankful for that. Oh, silly story from yesterday. Well it might also be labeled gross and perhaps unnerving too. Lauren and I did a much needed trip to the grocery store yesterday. We have a set route through the store and logically the frozen section is last. About half way through the frozen section, both going stir crazy and getting slap happy, we were playing with my pen. She was trying to steal the cap off and me sometimes letting her do it and other times pulling the pen away at the nick of time, just to hear her laugh with delight (I love my funny girl, she has such a great belly laugh). When all of a sudden she throws up! It was only a little bit, but we were both caught off guard. It was hanging from her mouth and she was trying to suck it back in with little success. So I did what any mom would do I wiped it away with my hands. Then we both looked at my hands and I thought "what in the world am I going to do with this now?!?" I don't carry a diaper bag anymore, just a change of clothes bag, which I leave in the car. I had no wipes, no napkins, nothing. So I start looking around the store and realize I'm right next to the pharmacy. So I head there, mind you I've got throw up on my hands so steering a cart full of food with a child in there too was not easy. But the nice lady at the desk gave me a few napkins and some paper towel (she must have seen the panic in my face, since she didn't even ask why) and I wiped Lauren's face and my hands and then spied hand-sanitizer at the second pharmacy counter. I asked Lauren how she felt and she was fine. We stopped playing the pen game (we didn't need more belly laughs bring up more yumminess) and got our milk, frozen pizza, and yogurt and got out of there. I don't know if was the way she was slouched and laughing, but I felt awful for her. By the way, she thinks the word "slouching" is hilarious, she has such a wonderful sense of humor.

Another wonderful day in our house. Off to play with my girl who decided not to nap today (darn you quick car naps, you ruin everything!). She still laid in bed for an hour but now her time is up and so is mine. 

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything" James 1:2-4

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