Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Saturday Morning...

Saturday morning are my favorite mornings, Friday nights are my favorite nights, and Sunday afternoons are the best afternoons. This Saturday morning was one for the books, so I decided to post the goings on around here. 

I woke up before everyone, as usual (gosh darn the need to use the bathroom- it does me in every time- I'll win next Saturday...or not). I lay in bed, this is after my trip across the hall (okay no more about the bathroom), and I just started thinking about the blessing that occurred this week- the fun with Lauren, the silly Friday evening with Matt, the times Skyping with family members, the trip to the park, etc. I found myself smiling as I tried to fall back asleep. The house was so peaceful. I thought of our plans for the day and I wondered about all the stuff you don't plan that happens and you're thankful for. All blessing from God.

A little after seven I heard Lauren beginning to stir upstairs. I don't go up until she calls me and let her wake up and play a little. But once I heard "Mommy? Mama? Mommy!" Out of bed I got making sure to tell Matt "Here she comes..." as I left the room. She's always so bight eyed and smiley when I go get her. We gather the necessary items: Bunny Night-Night, Hello Kitty Bingo Bag, and her magazine (Oriental Trading Magazines make great books!) and head down to "MamaDada Bed." We all, including Annabelle, snuggle in for a bit. It is so the best part of the best morning. Her and I read her magazine this morning as Matt tried his hardest to stay sleeping (dream on Dada!). After about a half hour of snuggle time I got up to make eggs, while Lauren and daddy played Hello Kitty. We usually have pancakes or waffles, made by daddy and Lauren, but today was going to be too busy so eggs would have to do. As I walked passed our unmake bed, pillows all askew, Hello Kitty boards, cards, and chips everywhere- I smile at the love we shared this morning all snuggled together. I don't think I'll be making the bed today.

After eating and getting ready, we headed to BJ's to purchase the second of the two twin beds for the big room upstairs. While there I looked for some socks (her feet need to stop growing!!!) for Lauren and we had to exchange the paper towels too. While Matt exchanged the paper towels Lauren, sitting a top the mattresses on the flatbed cart, read a Nemo book and I perused the other books. She's just so much gosh darn fun, the simplest task of going to the store was turned into an adventure because of all the fun she saw around her. I just love my little girl! These are those unplanned and precious moments I want to store away in my heart and never forget.

Matt and Lauren had headed to BJ's on Thursday (my night at church) to get all the household and grocery needs since it would be too much to get them and the mattresses too, hence the need to exchange the paper towels (must have select a size). When they were there that night Matt had noticed a book set of Hello Kitty Books. He had talked about wanting to get them for Lauren. We had already purchased all of her birthday and Christmas gifts, and trying to keep a budget I wasn't sure we could do it. But then I remembered talking to a friend at church. She said when she had her second child she had "the baby" purchase a small gift to the older sibling and vise-versa. So I told Matt that would be a perfect thing for the baby to get Lauren (I haven't had Lauren pick out a gift for the baby yet, after the holidays we'll worry about that). So I had Lauren and Matt go ahead and get the bed while I stayed back and got the book set. It was so precious to watch them from the "side lines." I so wished I had a camera as I watched them walking to the door, Lauren handing the lady the receipt, and then watching the two of the head to the car. I just wanted to cry and was surprised I didn't. I love those two with all my heart and soul! I'm a blessed lady because God gave me them! Again another unplanned moment I want to store away in my heart and never forget.

After coming home, unloading the mattresses, and putting my car back together it was time to head to Brooke's first birthday party. It was such a blessing to share that special moment with them. I don't think I posted that Brooke had spent the better half of last week in the hospital. So seeing her well and smiling as she stuffed her cupcake in her mouth was a gift from God. I feel like the first birthday is so precious. Due to her being in the hospital on the day of her original party the party was rescheduled and we were invited (she was just doing a family thing, but since they had to reschedule a bunch of family weren't going to be able to make it and she had already purchased everything- I didn't care that we were an after thought, being a thought at any point was so nice). Lauren had fun playing and eating a cupcake with M & M's on it of her own.

Now it's nap time. Even after that big cupcake this sweet girl is fast asleep. Matt is in the living room enjoying some down time and I'm here writing this. We still have one more planned event tonight and I've already had my full of blessings. But in honor of Thanksgiving I'll let the belt out a notch and make room for more! Bring on the seconds, or would this be thirds? Oh well, tonight's play date party should be interesting. I think at least six kids and there moms are going to be there- I think crazy might be the best descriptive word...we'll see!

So here's to Saturday mornings and precious moments that fill our hearts!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ." Ephesians 1:3

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