Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Extra Good = Great

Ask and you shall receive. This is a common phrase said by many people often, yet it still amazes me to see it happen. It's like I'm a dense idiot who just doesn't get it. Goodness, what am I to do with myself. Well anyway, enough about me and on to the fact that yet again we're being showered by God's blessings. 

If you recall, it wasn't too long ago I wrote a post about how I was coming to terms with our new and improved household budget. I spoke about how we're living within our means, but that are means are mighty slim these days. We had to drop a few budget lines to keep us going strong and it was a hard realization. I gave it up to God though and once again he's giving back. 

I watch a little boy Noah twice a week. That brings in some money and it's nice to have. When I constructed our budget though, I did not include this money. My reasoning behind this is that this money isn't very steady. I don't always have him and I won't have him at all during the summer time since his mommy works for the schools. So any money I got for him is extra that we can use on crazy things like car repairs and clothes- I know I'm a crazy spender! And, once we get our car paid off (six more months baby) we'll be able to put some of the money from watching Noah into savings for an emergency fund (there's always something that is needing our money, isn't there). 

Well, Amy (Noah's mom) has a friend (Sarah) who was looking for a someone to watch her little girl a few days a month. Sarah's mom does the majority of the child care, but will have a few days a month that she can't do it. I would be her back up babysitter. Like my money form watching Noah, this won't have us buying a new house any time soon, but it will help out. It will allow me money to buy family and friends gifts and give Matt and I money to get a date night in every once in a while. Things I thought I was kissing good-bye after readjusting the budget. I can't tell you how great it is. And that, just like Noah, it isn't an everyday thing so I still have one-on-one special time with my baby girl. I have time to do my thing (grocery shopping, cleaning the house, you know all this wild stuff I'm in charge of maintaining). It fits with our needs and my wants. How awesome is that?!

I was checking Facebook before I got on here to write this post and a old friend/acquaintance had the song lyrics from Hillsong Australia's song "... Savior, He can move the mountains, My God is Might to save, He is Mighty to save. Forever, Author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave..." and it is so true that  he can take care of my small daily needs because he has done bigger and more miraculous things. He loves us and provides for us all that we need. Amen yet again!

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