Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did I wait too long?

We've taken away Lauren's pacifier (aka paci). I was a huge fan of the paci when she was little. It worked wonders with calming her and helping her sleep. It was about middle of summer that I began wondering when to ween her from this wonderful contraption.

So, of course I went to Heather and asked her when she got rid of it. Her reply wasn't a good one because it started with "You're not going to like my answer..." And sure enough I didn't. She had weened all three kids around 3/4 months. She referenced the "Happiest Baby on the Block" man, who said that they really don't need it after this point because by then they can self sooth. Well it wasn't a good answer because Lauren was well in her way to eight months old. My response was "Why didn't you tell me this sooner woman!"

Now mind you, at this point she was only getting the paci in the car and at bed. I am not a fan of the paci just hanging out in the babies mouth for no real reason. She was a pretty content child and only needed soothing at those times. So, after this conversation Matt and I talked about it and we decided to only have her using the paci at night- no car. This wasn't that bad of a transition. I was a little nervous because we had a 4 hour car trip to the beach coming up- but I knew we could do it since she is really good in the car anyway. We all survived just fine.

So the next mountain to climb was getting rid of the paci at sleep times. We waited until now to do this (she's just over nine months). My girlfriends Marie and Amy gave me the shove. Marie because we were chatting about sleeping and I was saying what a wonderful sleeper Lauren was but that we still where doing the paci thing. Then as I thought about it, she would occationally wake up in the middle of the night and Matt would go in and give her the paci and she would fall back asleep. This would happen in the early morning too. So, was she a good sleeper or not? Amy gave me the shove because she was going to do stop rocking Noah to sleep and start letting him do it on his own. He doesn't use a paci to start so she was breaking him of the rocking habit only. Noah is also three month younger than Lauren.

After both of these conversation I decided let's do it and Matt fully agreed. So we started Friday night with no paci. She cried for about 45 minutes and then passed out. I was thinking- oh that wasn't bad. Then then next day came and we put her down for a nap. She cried for an hour and never actually slept a wink. I got her up and scratched that nap. Then for her afternoon nap, same thing crying for an hour so I got her up. She usually sleeps between one and two hours for each nap, so by Saturday night this girl was EXHAUSTED!!!! She was beside herself. Saturday night after our bedtime routine she cried for about an hour and then passed out sitting up right. It was a sad and pathetic site.

Mind you each time I put her down my heart was breaking and I just wanted to run in there and get her up. I kept praying for God to calm her and lay his hand upon her. I prayed for God to put his angels around her and me so that we will make it through. I know she's in no physical pain and that she is just testing her boundaries. This is a big transition for her. I feel like i keep second guessing myself. Maybe I waited too long, maybe we should have let her keep it longer. Maybe...

I plan on posting again and letting you know how this whole crazy thing pans out. In the mean time, pray for me!

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

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