Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's all coming together!

So I wrote a few posts back about my fall plans for Lauren and some "school" time. I've been working and working on "lesson plans" which are very close to being done. I just need to print some stuff in color, which I need to go to church to do. I also have to finish the lesson plans for week 7, aka day 7 of creation, which I've started just need to finish. Lastly, I need to go buy felt and glue to make the felt board (flannel board- not sure why there are two names for the same thing).

But even though I have all of that "to do", I've done a whole bunch. I've found songs, coloring pages, letter and number sheets, I have a wonderful book (God Created by Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones), purchased the felt cut outs that we'll use on the board, I've created activities to learn the bible verse, and finally (as the pictures below show) I've set up a corner of our office for "school." Right now I've moved the outdoor picnic table inside and given her a small bin to put her coloring book, crayons, beads, puzzle, and stickers in. But I still need to buy a few packages of those oh so lovely 3M hooks to help me hang up the pocket chart and felt board. Maybe a few other things to make the corner feel more school like. 

I'm super excited about all that I've done and I can't wait to start with her on Monday. I'm getting her all primed and excited too. I showed her the felt cut-outs and told her they were for school and same with the book we got out of the church library. After setting up the corner today she sat there and colored and did stickers while I started dinner and we waited for daddy to get home. I think we're both ready!

Here are some pictures- I'll be sure to post the ones of the finished product!

 Here she is checking out the bin of goodies.

 Coloring "Hello Kitty" (You can see the foam board we bought at Michael's to create the felt board- go 50% off coupon!!)

 Stickers? Beads? I'm not sure

Showing me all of her "STICKERS!!!!" that she so nicely decorated herself with.

"Jesus said, 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5:8

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