Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cloth Diapering 102 - Remediation

So I recently wrote a post about my excitement with using cloth diapers on my second little girl. I'm writing an update since I've learned some more since getting underway.

I mentioned in that post that I did not start using cloth diapers with my older daughter, Lauren, until after I started staying home, so she was about 7 or so months old. So diapering Olivia starting at around 3 and a half months was new territory for me, even though I had used them before. So here's what I've learned so far...

*Baby poop, from a breastfed baby, is water soluble and disappears in the wash. This is amazing to me. There is no need to purchase the sprayer,  something I never did, since you toss them in the wash and they're as good as new once the wash is done.

*You need more diapers with a little one, then with an older child. I have 24 diapers but it's not enough. With Lauren I was able to do a wash load every other day and have 4-6 diapers left over while the dirty ones were being washed. If I wait to do wash at the end of day two now, I'm left with maybe 2-3 diaper for the next day. This is not cool, since I don't want to be rushed the next morning to get those diapers stuffed and ready to go. Plus, this time around I'm enjoying hanging them on the clothesline outside- adding extra time to the process (mind you I 100% recommend doing this so keep reading to find out why). So I've had to add to my stash. I just purchased 7 more diapers. I was going to do it before vacation but after talking to Matt, decided to wait. Well God throw in another life lesson here, I feel like he's always doing this to me. You wouldn't think that one week would make a difference but it did! They just added new colors to the One Size Elite FuzziBunz. The switch must have happened last week some time. Well they got rid of the bright pink color I really wanted to get- Crushed Berry. I was really good about getting the "gender neutral" packages with Lauren, but this time I really want to put my little girl in some girly colors. So I had decided I would get all girl colors this time. If I end up with a boy next go-round then I just have to worry about that then. So when I went online to purchase them I wasn't finding the Crushed Berry on any of the retailers I had scoped out before vacation. I even called the retailer nearest me to see if they had any, which of course they didn't. So you're probably wondering where the Godly lesson is. Well in my desire to find pink I started clicking on a bunch more retailers they list on the FuzziBunz website, in doing this I found a retailer who was selling them at $17.95, instead of $19.95 like everywhere else I looked. Plus, they were still offering the 50 cents off per diaper if you purchased six or more. Plus, they had all the colors I wanted and free shipping!  I ended up getting 7 diapers instead of the 6 I intended on purchasing. All girl colors - 4 Crushed Berry, 2 Cotton Candy, 1 Grape. And it only cost me an extra $6 to get the 7th diaper, compared with other retailers. I'm hoping that this will give me just enough to keep me only doing laundry every two days and giving me a few to have on hand and in the diaper bag ready to go. What a blessing it was. Amen for listening to hubby.

*If you don't have a clothesline or a drying rack- get yourself one! I didn't when I cloth diapered Lauren, and man did I make a rookie error there. First, the big bonus to line drying them is that you're not running the dryer, saving money right there. Second, the sun bleaches them making the inserts a more brilliant white, and killing any bacteria that might still be there. Third, they smell like a warm spring day when you take them down. Now I don't want to gross you out but when I dry them in the dryer I give each insert a quick sniff test before stuffing it to make sure that it was indeed fully clean. I would occasionally have to rewash some with Lauren because it would still have that pee smell. Now I have yet to find one insert that hasn't smelled fresh off the line. This might be because Olivia's pee isn't as strong since she's still just a breastfed baby, we'll have to see on that one. But hands down line drying is better!

Those are the three things I've really noticed different this time around. I'll be sure to update if anything else new arises. Until then, happy cloth diapering!

"My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Just my sweet girl jumping around, she's getting so big.

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