Sunday, June 30, 2013

And we've entered...

...the phase of WHY?

"Whatcha say ________ for?"
"What's dat?"
"Why you go dat way?"
"Whatcha doin' mama?"
"Why _____?"

It crept up very slowly and this week I began to realize we're there. It was probably when I was trying to get us out of the house, Olivia spit up all over me, her, and the floor. The phone rang. All as Lauren followed in toe asking why I was doing everything I was doing and why I said everything I was saying and asking who was on the phone etc. Looking back I laugh and smile at her sweetness and inquisitive nature- but in the moment my response was "Lauren Shea, if we ever want to get out of this house, mommy can't keep explaining everything going on. We're already late." Oh my poor baby.

Am I the only mom that feels like one minute my stuff is together and all my little ducks are in a row and then all I have to do is blink, sneeze, or even have that thought and then BAM! pure chaos happens an instant later? This whole week felt like that movie Groundhog Day- and the scene depicted above just kept replaying over and over. It was a busy week and I'm looking forward to the slower one that lay ahead of us.

After a busy week though, my weekend was next to near perfect. Matt and Lauren took a daddy-daughter trip to the pool Friday night after dinner, while Olivia stayed home and chilled with me. Then Saturday after our pancake breakfast Lauren, Olivia, and Matt headed out to Home Depot, Lowe's, and to one of our favorite restaurants to get lunch and a sweet ice cream treat. Mommy got some well needed down time at home. I took that time to start planning out our school for this fall. We're doing the alphabet, one letter a week. We also have one bible story a week too. But more to come on that later. Once everyone got home it was pretty much nap time, so I got even more down time and then we just played around the house all evening. 

Sunday was laid back. We enjoyed going to church, where Lauren spent her first Sunday in Sunday School- with the big kids! I'm so happy for her and she did a great job. During the summer they just have a "one" classroom set up, since it's so touch and go with the number of children in town on any given Sunday. So it was her and two other kids- both school age and she did wonderful. She was so proud of the craft she made of Jesus walking on water. She hung it up on the fridge as soon as we got home. Gotta love that girl. Looking forward to her being in the preschool room this fall!

We all took a nice afternoon nap after lunch and then enjoyed dinner and a trip to the pool. The dark rain clouds chased us home sooner than we'd hoped but it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful weekend. Isn't that what the weekend is for? Taking us from exhausted and tattered to rested and whole? Although I volunteered in the nursery today and missed the sermon- I still feel like going to church, focusing on God, and being around "family" helps to center me and prepare me for the week ahead. 

Ready to enjoy a slow week, that has a wonderful holiday in it. Matt has July 4th off work so it will be so nice to spend an extra day with daddy. We've got plans to go to a local farm/park and enjoy an "Ol' Fashion" 4th of July celebration. Then this Friday evening our church is holding it's first Family Night- which will be game night with a Ice Cream Sunday bar. Oh so much fun ahead!

 Look at this cutie!!
 And this one too!!
 Olivia Love
Lauren being funny, dressed up in daddy's blue shirt (her favorite).

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

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