Saturday, January 19, 2013

Under Stimulated and Over Ready

After what has felt like the busiest, fastest pregnancy I've hit a slow and steady pace of blah. I fully disclose the insanity of this comment and have laughed at myself as I expressed this to Matt last night at dinner- that I felt completely under stimulated just hanging out at the house yesterday. The constant go, go, go of these past nine months has made just being home for a few days in a row a little boring. Well day one wasn't boring because I had Brooke here to, so I was pretty busy and we did a fun craft to pass the early afternoon. But yesterday I was just in a rut with entertaining Lauren. 

We had a good day. She and I went out and played in the snow, yes we got some snow, and we had a ball until I started getting pretty wet from rolling around with no snow pants on (I should really have my parents send those to me). After a yummy cup of hot cocoa we played upstairs. We started a new game of "picnic" and we used her favorite "green blankie" and a bunch of her stuffed animals to have a picnic. We even added some baby bibs for each stuffed animal and Annabelle joined in as well. After a game of Candy Land though I was ready to remove my head from toddlerville and do something adult. The house is pretty much clean so that wasn't going to help me. I'm still stubbornly procrastinating the packing of our hospital bag, so that was out of the question. Plus, I was just plum out of ideas to entertain myself. This is all part of the hazard of being a social person. 

When I put Lauren down for nap, which she never fell asleep- guess she felt a little under stimulated too, I did some house work, finished a post, and read my book. While doing this and wondering if my talkative crazy girl was ever going to fall into sleepy land, I had to laugh to the words that popped into my brain "under stimulated." And laugh that these words are going to be no where in my immediate vocabulary very soon. Maybe I should embrace my lazy, lack luster day as a blessing since I know after this new sweet baby enters the world I'm going to have day after day of OVER stimulation and dream of this boring day in January and wish for it. 

With this said, I need to back track a little and tell you about my Wednesday appointment. Please keep in mind that you might roll your eyes at my thoughts and I write these thoughts mostly for myslef so if you think I'm a nut- oh well.  So I had been having lots of Braxton-hicks contractions the later half of last week into this week and some real ones (only they were pretty weak). But that paired with the fact that I could tell the baby had spun herself head down gave me the thoughts that maybe this baby might come early too. I've pretty much gotten everything (except for that wretched hospital bag) done and ready for her arrival. So I think part of my issue yesterday is I'm waiting on pins and needles as to when she may arrive. I know I have 28 days left until her due date, but I can dream right? But at my appointment the doctor found me to not be showing any signs of impending labor- which mind you is okay, just kind of put my thoughts of going early out the window for now. I guess in the business of getting everything ready so early that I forgot, I'm kind of over prepared for this stage of pregnancy. With Lauren I had ten million things to still do because I not only had to prepare the house but my classroom for her arrival. With the house all in order, I'm out of things to do, hence causing my "under stimulation" issue.

I've been trying to convince myself that I'm going to go late since Lauren was so early, that this one will be late, but I'm having trouble believing myself. I think it's because I feel well prepare on the outside for her arrival. On top of that I feel big, I've gained all the weight I desired to gain and the thought of just getting bigger and bigger from here on out isn't my most favorite part of being pregnant. I'm not very good at being patient either- as much as I hate to admit that out loud, I'm not. I think that's part of my need to be the leader- if I'm leading I don't have to wait around for someone else to do their thing- I can forge ahead at my own pace. God has had to help me numerous times to enjoy being in the passenger seat and letting someone else do the driving (ask Matt though, this is still work in progress). 

So I think I'm just getting myself ready. Ready for what, waiting, that's what. I've been a little too productive in preparing for her arrival and the with winter settling in I feel like I'm more restricted in what we can do. Hopefully this weekend will bring about some much needed distractions!

"Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience," Colossians 1:11

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