Sunday, January 6, 2013

A tour and a few dreams

So yesterday we had the opportunity to tour the hospital we'll being delivering at this time around. You see last time we were given two options in hospitals and we picked the hospital that was right next to my doctors office. We did this since you head there a billion and a half times for all the appointments, so when labor starts your brain and car know just were to go, since you've been going there all along. This time around, the doctor's main office changed locations and is now next to the second hospital, so we decided to go with the same logic and deliver at that hospital. We had a wonderful experience at the first hospital but haven't been there since my post delivery appointment after Lauren arrived, so going with the same logic as we used before the new hospital would be the right choose, or so we were thinking.

That is were my dreams come in. I've only had two dreams about this baby, both have been anxiety dreams about delivering at the hospital. I've had no conscience anxiety that I can think of. I know two people personally that have delivered at this hospital and they had a great experience, so I don't have a clue where this is coming from. Maybe because it is the one big difference between this pregnancy and the other?

With Lauren I only had a few anxiety dreams and they were all about breastfeeding. Indeed we did have a rough start, but we settled in quiet nicely. I'm hoping that doesn't hold true with the hospital experience. I hope there is nothing rough about my visit there, beginning or end.

The tour only proved to show two drawbacks about this hospital than the other. First, the postpartum rooms are pretty small and leave very little room for anything. The second was that there is no menu of food. You just get what they give you. At the old hospital you got a menu, you picked what you ate and you could ask for extra's of stuff or a double portion. That was nice since Matt stayed there with me the whole time and I would order enough for the both of us so he didn't have to leave the room or go spend money on food.

The tour guide was a sweet retired nurse but there were a few things she said that I didn't like too. She talked about sending the baby to the nursery a lot and how the baby would be at the nursery for a while after they took her to get her bath. With Lauren, she was back within an hour or so. Although I do have to remind myself that she went to the nursery at 1 am in the morning, so their load might have been a little light at that time of day or night or morning- whatever you want to call that hour. Anyway, the other hospital was big on "rooming in" which fits my personality much better. Lauren only left us when she needed to get checked out by the pediatric doctor or they need to do any testing on her. Other than that, she stayed with us. I liked that idea so this idea of sending my sweet baby away after being attached to her for nine plus months was not sounding so good. Now I need to add they will allow baby to sleep in the room with you here too, she just made it sound like it wasn't the ordinary way of doing things. When I talked to Garrett later that day she said that it was the personality of the nurse and that shouldn't be a deciding factor.

Matt and I enjoyed a lunch date after the tour, we were taking advantage of the alone time since Lauren was home with a babysitter. We discussed my thoughts and Matt and I are going to give the new hospital a chance. He thinks it will be just fine and since he is less influenced by crazy hormones than me and I trust his judgement completely I agreed we'd go to the new one. Hopefully my dreams will have no premonition as to the experience we have there.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all you ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

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