Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I've got 3.2 seconds...

...or maybe a few more. But really Matt took the girls to Petsmart and I told him I still hadn't gotten the upstairs vacuumed this week, so I would rather stay behind and get that done. He is an amazing father and husband so I was granted my wish! Well I just did the fastest vacuuming ever and now I'm on here because as I was vacuuming and a little while I was hurrying through the dinner dishes I had so many thoughts running around, so lucky me I'm done with time to write!!

First, I had a moment today where I felt like a horrible mom. Let's start a little earlier though. Like 4am, yes I was awake for the second morning in a row at that wee hour. Olivia was so sweet to awaken me and beckon me to her side. As we laid her down last night we were pretty sure we were going to be facing the first ever ear infection our house. Olivia had been tugging at her ear and waking up crying and fussy, which for her is very rare. So when my wake up call came, so did the meds. Oh I honestly feel for the moms who parented before modern medicine, bless their hearts! 

I called the doctors as soon as my still very sleepy eyes woke me up. The sweet lady said that our primary doctor was in the office location closest to our house (score!) and that she would call me back after talking with the nurse to see if they could squeeze me in. Lucky us we got in, saw the doctor and then got the great news that no infection, just ~5 teeth are making their way in and that is most likely the culprit. Poor baby, I'd be fussy too!

So here is where I was struggling to head to the doctors- I rushed Lauren out the door ahead of me so I could attempt to lock the door with an arm full of stuff, including but not limited to Olivia and gear, well I didn't noticed until too late that it was a sheet of ice. By the time my lips could even form the words "careful it's very icey" she was in the air and landing on her backside! I felt horrible. And even worse there was snow/ice everywhere so I couldn't put down Olivia and gear and snuggle her and make it okay- Just had to struggle picking her up with the three available fingers and wait until I got to the car and set everything down. Which just a funny sidenote- the other day I totally came to the door, arms yet again full of stuff, and pointed my car key fabb at the door and hit the unlock button!! And the worst was when I turned the handle BEFORE I realized that I was not at the car but the house- when is someone going to invent a house door that opens that way...come on people!!! Oh the moments of a mama's life...

Then to make my mommy guilt a little thicker, when we got home I did the triple "no." I've determined as a mommy that on the third "no" given to a child it is 99.999999% likely your child will throw a tantrum. First, she wanted to watch a movie- no. Fussy, fussy but not yet a full blown tantrum. Second, she wanted to go upstairs and play with me- no, time to get lunch ready. Fuss, fuss, and still hanging in there. Third, she asked to get on the computer- braced myself, no. OH MY I think her grandparents nine hours away heard that tantrum. I felt awful but we had friends coming within 10 minutes and I was pretty sure she could entertain herself for a few minutes, but she felt differently. Oh the joys!

I might have redeemed myself though, since today's nap/quiet time was very short. She came downstairs to help me with my house chores instead of play alone- but we got distracted by other fun stuff and only took care of the dishes. I guess the inch thick dust will have to wait, again, until tomorrow. I must not be the only parent who feels like living with a toddler and preschooler makes you feel manic. The highs and lows of our days sometimes make my head spin as we talk about them over the dinner table with daddy. I just hope that when we wake up a week later we only remember the good. 

I'm happy to say that I finished Olivia's second of four photo books. Thanks to The Children's Place, who gave out $29.99 coupons for Shutterfly with a purchase, I've been inspired to get her books done. But I lost one of the three coupons I had and I'm hoping it shows up before I finish the third book, which might happen. My mind is really just no what it use to be and I fear it's only going to keep getting worse.

Oh the door is opening and family has reentered the house- time for bath and bed- then a nice long sleep for myself with visions of happy kids and a clean house dancing in my head!

"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." Psalm 20:4

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